Elevate your cloud security strategy with Oasis Defender, the ultimate AI-driven solution that simplifies protection across different cloud providers. Benefit from our one-click solutions, intuitive visualization, and a unified dashboard, all powered by more than 20 years of industry expertise.
Clouds have everything except security, especially when multiple clouds are being utilized.
Lack of centralised and comprehensive solutions for managing cybersecurity in multi-cloud environments
Lack of qualified cloud security professionals/Inability to maintain a cloud security specialist due to budget constrains
The shared responsibility model in cloud computing places the onus of security on you.
Every cloud service has its own native interface, which makes it difficult to manage. The absence of visualization makes it almost impossible
Securing entire cloud infrastructure across multiple clouds/cloud providers
Oasis Defender automates cloud security, making it simpler with its one-click solutions and intuitive dashboard, reducing the need for specialized expertise.
Making cloud security visualized and easily manageable with the help of a unified dashboard and using only native interfaces
Providing you with affordable AI-driven cybersecurity means to solve these security gaps
Consolidating security data from multiple clouds in one spot simplifies monitoring, detecting threats, and swift response for companies.
All functions included, no limits
To gain insights into the power of our cloud security solutions
Separate enterprise-grade solution planned for large networks
All functions included, limits applied
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$ 25
All functions included, no limits
To gain insights into the power of our cloud security solutions
Separate enterprise-grade solution planned for large networks
All functions included, limits applied
Per month
$ 30

Oasis Defender Serves:

Oasis Defender has been carefully designed to cater to a wide range of usage scenarios and is adaptable to various needs and requirements:
Cloud Security Professionals running a private or corporate security practice
Cloud Engineers/DevOps/
DevSecOps, who will use Oasis Defender as an analytical tool
Cloud customers without specialized security knowledge and dedicated security specialists
Oasis Defender allows to secure clients' cloud environments and/or generate affiliate sales. This not only expands one's offerings, but also expands a client base and increases income.
As an analytical tool, Oasis Defender helps to visualize cloud environments, consolidate clouds into one dashboard and perform AI analysis to reveal existing security breaches
Oasis Defender offers a user-friendly, all-encompassing multi-cloud security tool. It helps to ensure your cloud data' security without requiring specialized skills.
Oasis Defender is a versatile tool that can benefit various businesses across different industries. However, at the current moment we have particularly focused on developing cases and solutions for several key spheres, ensuring our products cater to the unique needs of these sectors:

Oasis Defender provides an affordable solution for organizations seeking to protect their confidential information, eliminating the necessity of hiring a specialized cloud expert
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Startups and small businesses
By integrating Oasis Defender, SaaS companies can protect themselves against cyber threats, ensure data privacy, build client trust, and adhere to regulatory requirements, all contributing to their growth and success
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SaaS products
Oasis Defender offers valuable advantages in healthcare by strengthening cloud data protection and prioritizing patient privacy. With Oasis Defender, sensitive patient information remains secure. Additionally, it allows doctors to securely share and access crucial data from any location
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Healthcare sector
Oasis Defender offers customized solutions tailored to the unique requirements of enterprises, ensuring comprehensive protection for their cloud infrastructure
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Providing AI-assisted analytics with 1-click solutions for revealed security problems
The standout benefit of Oasis Defender lies in its AI-assisted analytics, which swiftly identifies security issues in cloud environments. The 1-click solution simplifies problem resolution, making it easier for users to maintain a secure infrastructure. This efficient, user-friendly combination effectively tackles cyber threats and reduces workload, making it a notable choice in cloud security.
Support for multiple cloud providers
This feature allows organizations to implement a unified security solution across various cloud platforms, ensuring consistent protection without the need to manage multiple security tools. By adopting a single, versatile security solution like Oasis Defender, companies can save time, reduce complexity, and enhance their overall cloud security posture.
Consolidating security data from multiple clouds into a single dashboard
A key benefit of Oasis Defender is the ability to consolidate security data from various clouds into a single, unified dashboard. With all the essential information in one place, it becomes easier to respond to incidents, and implement necessary security measures, ultimately improving overall protection and efficiency in cloud environments.
Simplicity of integration
Oasis Defender allows businesses to seamlessly incorporate advanced security measures into their existing cloud infrastructure. This simplified setup process saves time and resources, ensuring that organizations can promptly enhance their protection against cyber threats without disrupting their daily operations.
Oasis Defender stands out as a unique SaaS (Software as a Service) product for cloud cybersecurity due to its combination of features that are not found together in other solutions:
Visualizing clouds’ network structure
Visualizing a cloud's network structure is important because it simplifies the complex system behind cloud services. This visual guide helps users see how different parts like servers, storage, and networking devices work together in the cloud. Knowing the structure allows users to better manage resources, improve performance, and plan for future growth, leading to more efficient cloud usage.
Keeping the original topology and using only built-in features
This approach ensures seamless integration and protection for your data and applications without requiring additional, complex setup processes.

You register your cloud(s)
Oasis Defender collects all information about your cloud configuration, including Cloud Formation templates, network topology, traffic filtering rules, services, S3 buckets
Oasis Defender performs AI-assisted analysis of the current configuration and visualizes your clouds together with detected possible vulnerability flaws
Oasis Defender provides you with the suggestion how to fix the current security problems
Oasis Defender continuously monitors your cloud configuration for potential defense issues
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