Streamlining cloud with oasis defender

case study
A newly appointed Cloud Security Advisor joined a firm that operates with a dual-cloud infrastructure, utilizing both AWS and Azure. The firm's setup allowed specific AWS resources to access certain Azure resources, creating an intertwined network environment.
Upon initial assessment, the Advisor encountered a complex landscape of multiple hosts and Virtual Private Clouds (VPCs) within the firm's cloud setup. Utilizing the inbuilt management tools from both AWS and Azure, the Advisor faced significant challenges in comprehending the full scope of the network. The existing tools provided fragmented insights, making it difficult to gain a comprehensive understanding of the network architecture and its security posture.
When using the Oasis Defender, the Advisor was able to visualize the complete network structure. This included a clear representation of both cloud environments, the links between them, and the intricate connections within each cloud. The comprehensive overview facilitated by Oasis Defender not only simplified the network's complexity but also enhanced the Advisor's ability to identify and address potential security vulnerabilities across the cloud infrastructure.
The integration of Oasis Defender into the firm's cloud security strategy marked a significant improvement in managing and securing its dual-cloud environment. The Cloud Security Advisor successfully overcame the initial challenges, leading to a more streamlined and secure cloud architecture.
the end
In an effort to obtain a holistic view of the network, the Advisor implemented Oasis Defender, a cloud management tool known for its simplified interface and robust capabilities. This tool enabled a seamless connection between the firm's AWS and Azure clouds.
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